#ChangeMaker: Marcela Andrés of Designed Engagement

Listen to “SaulPaul_Inspired to be the Change with Bianca Neal and guest Marcela Andres 4_2_20” on Spreaker.

In case you missed it, the Be the Change Network has launched a new podcast entitled, Inspired to Be the Change. Coined after SaulPaul’s song and movement, this bi-monthly podcast features stories and interviews of people who are being the change in their community. SaulPaul invites special guests from his tour and conference stops across the country who are great resources to the community and invites them for brief interviews on his show.

This week’s show features Marcela Andrés. From growing up in a single parent household to graduating from Harvard, Marcela is an entrepreneurial educator who works with education leaders in PK-12th grade to design systems to serve their school community. In this podcast, she talks about how moving to a new town was pivotal in her access to opportunities to be able to achieve her dream and at the same time was an eye opening experience. She shares a special word of encouragement for the graduating class of 2020 and the inspiration behind her success in this podcast interview with SaulPaul and the listening audience. Check it out here on the iTunes podcast.