SaulPaul’s Be the Change on Good Morning Austin

SaulPaul had the opportunity to talk about his new book, Be the Change, A Story of Transformation on the recent television broadcast of Good Day Austin, on Fox 7.

While being interviewed, SaulPaul shared that the book covers his life changing story from tragedy to triumph. He felt it was the perfect time to write it and publish it as an encouragement and hope for others and will release in the new year. SaulPaul reflected on the opportunities he has had to share his story, both on stage and through film, and now believes is the right time to tell his story through a book.

“Be the Change, A Story of Transformation” covers SaulPaul’s life more in depth as he continues to bring his message to “Be the Change” in the world that you live in. He wants the focus to be on others and let them know that they can Be the Change.

You can watch the full interview on the Fox 7 Austin news site here: